Some guts from yesterday’s goodies

Tried to get all the sleeves scrubbed whilst weather was nice for drying them today. Took pics of the insides while I was at it. Turned out to be more challenging than I though.

In the Nolan the transformer is taller than the gap. There is probably enough give in the chassis and sleeve to get it out, as you can see has been done, but I haven’t enough arms to do that. As a result:

Lame gutshot, showing the PCB, not really very interesting, although the totally crude square hole cut in the chassis for the PCB mount preamp valves is sort of unusual.

Klipp underside:

And new tranny:

Now the Vampower, kind of the interesting one. Guts:

Hmm, what’s this, not going to be ‘working’ as advertised:

Easy solder back on, pretty unhealthy to fire up like that. This is why I go over everything before trying out. Here’s an interesting feature:

Think they are heater fuses, not sure why hasn’t used a normal fuse, but sort of guessing they carry the heater noise, so having them out the way of everything else and on the other side of the chassis isolates that. I also like this attempt at idiot proofing:


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