Selmer Teble n Bass 50 Mark III / mk 3

This arrived today, quick clean of the box and photos and in the pile cause I have loads to do. The SC200 has decided to go wrong and red plate half its valves and smell bad, waiting for it to discharge its caps and cool off before I get in there (managed to gimme a belt last time).

In need of a proper clean up.

Insides, nothing super fascinating, nice lacing.

Awesome pot crust. Not sure how this happens. Probably related to all the basketweave peeling off the case though.


6 thoughts on “Selmer Teble n Bass 50 Mark III / mk 3

  1. Dude, just build a discharge tool. Solder some alligator clips to a resistor of a few kilo-ohms that can dissipate a few watts and you don’t have to worry about that any more. You should check caps with a voltmeter anyway!

  2. Yeah, have done, but blew up my multimeter accidentally switching it to diode test and hitting the HT cause it was 180 from where I thought I’d switched it. The belt was thanks to the guy who left the notes saying he thought he wired the switch in right. He hadn’t.

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