Carlsbro CS60 TC Guts

This is one my singer picked up. Suggested he give it to me for a going over before he fires it up. Much easier to check things first than have to fix it exploded (see TVM earlier). Looks like it has already had a recap, dust and cobwebs say might ahve been a while back, so sign of explosion goo, but signs of a reasonable job of teching. Still needs an IEC instead of that Bulgin though:


7 thoughts on “Carlsbro CS60 TC Guts

  1. Hi, I know that your into vintage gear, and thats cool, there is nothing quite like it, but as a kid (well 17) many years ago, I used to work for a company in Coventry called Electronicon Ltd. They made electronic circuits for electric vehicles (milk floats), but my job there was to assemble PCB’s for ‘Parrot Amplifiers’. they used a FET in the input stage to help give a ‘valve sound. They were pretty big in the mid 70’s, but seem to have disappeared altogether. have you ever heard of them….? They were not that brilliant, but we did seem to build loads of the damn things! Any info would be appreciated. Cheers, Fran Pettifer

  2. As the very proud owner of a near mint Carlsbro TR60 combo, I thought I’d leave a comment and say thanks for the blog.

    Cool stuff!

    One day people will cop onto the amazing-osity that is vintage Carlsbro, but hopefully not before I buy a few more.

    Thanks again,

  3. I too worked at Electronicon Ltd in Coventry building Parrott Amplifiers for 11 years. The owner John Woodhead also had the Sound Centre in Clay Lane. I actually have the prototype 50w combo which was built by John and another genius in electronics Nigel Curtis.
    Nick Wright

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