Eagle electronics

Not much interesting done today, mostly entertaining some dudes from Belgium who came to collect an amp, check them out: The Melting Snowmen and click here to go direct to the tunes. Not really my bag, but nice guys. Looking for gigs in the UK, and hoping to tour with Killing Joke apparently.

Opened up the Eagle to re tension the jack and take out the battery that made me thing there was something wrong with my amp, by making it really loud. Now the active switch is a mute.

Trying to sell the inward facing 4×12 an the 4×10 bass cab too, no space, £85 each will secure them:


2 thoughts on “Eagle electronics

  1. Not had them out to look yet. Pulling speakers stresses me, tools near paper with a big magnet on the other side, far from ideal. Ton of boring jobs involving filing and polishing to do first.

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