Reverb don’t work. New cab

Put it all together, and the reverb doesn’t work. Possibly have the plugs the wrong way round, and obviously when I tried to remove them I pulled the wire off. Fitted a new plug, and put together other way round, still no reverb. Possibly they were right and the plug was screwed anyway. Annoyed with it, so not tinkering any more today.

Also picked up this:

From Pombagira, Pete is a really nice chap. Got back fairly late so can’t really put it through its paces, but being small, it should be ideal for my dual amp rig, don’t need the bottom from a bigger box. Don’t reckon its Sunn, because the basketweave looks very British. Might spray the baffle white anyway. Have to have the speakers out to see what they are.


2 thoughts on “Reverb don’t work. New cab

  1. Hi, This is obviously not from North America (nobody uses the term “mains” over here). Looks like later seventies gear. Are the speakers 12″ or 10″? Looks pretty cool. Thanks…

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