Laney Klipp 100

Been given this to sell, but it is non-working, dude said was just a fuse missing. Its never just a fuse.

forgot to take my own pic, thats the one he sent, looks cleaner than in real life.

Boring shot of inside the case, figure not a common thing to be pictured:

Guts, fair few bits obviously replaced:

Took a bunch of pics to show extreme cobwebbyness, but they don’t show up.

Corrugated card round the jacks is sure sign of quality workmanship.

Mmm, melty hole. Not sure what was actually here to do that, the wire nearby looks suspect though.

And the top shot, Partridges and random power valves:

Cobwebs show up there a bit. All cleaned up via hoover and paintbrush. Pre valves look to be original Mullards, which is nice.

Definitely aim to be getting some more guitar work up here, is kind of my main thing to do, but amps are newer and more interesting. I handed over the SC120 Energiser Slave to local tech because the horrible bodgery scared me a bit, along with all the parts needed. The bill will be encouraging to learn this stuff better myself.



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