Shielding cavities


Found a roll of slug tape in the garage, which happens to be idea for shielding instrument cavities. I haven’t taken apart my first bass, the subject of many experiments, for a long time, so it was overdue. I also ground down a high fret and oiled the board again, getting nice and dark now. I ordered some heavy elixir strings but a medium set turned up, pretty frustrating, sent back and waiting on a replacement.


The important thing around this stage is to remember where all the holes for the wires and screws are, otherwise it is really difficult to get it all back together again. Obviously I didn’t do this and has to poke about a bunch.

If this was someone else’s I’d use a bit more tape and make it all neater and more even, but it don’t function any different an this bass is pretty ugly after years of being carved up. Hope it still works once I plug it in.


4 thoughts on “Shielding cavities

  1. How does the JBass single coil sound that close to the neck? Muddy, woody…?
    How does it complement to the PBass single coil?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Woody is probably a good term. I was aiming for a double bass sort of thing. It doesn’t mix that well with the P pickup, both together tends to do that mid scoop thing that seems to drop your volume. The bass is wired with stereo jack so I can route the to different amps and just use the neck pickup for clean bottom whilst effecting the standard one.

      • I’m thinking about putting my JBass’s neck pickup closer to the neck and adding (in its place) something like a Darkstar, but I’m affraid the mid scoop you refer happens. Thanks for the reply.

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