Crappy combo fixing

Actually, I’ve been working on sorting a dudes rig out, rather than being lazy, but I forgot to take any photos. Eminence Kappalite 3015 are totally great drivers and work well in the cheapy Ashdown MAG 15″ cabs. I lined it with knobbly foam, and thespeaker drops right in, then sounds great.

Stuff I did think to photo was the dry joint making a crappy combo I picked up not work:

Not sure you can see, the pin is free floating in a little mount of solder,
this is the problem with board mounted jacks, all the stress is transferred to the solder joints and the pin can pull free. Warm up and a dab of new solder fixes it, but it can happen again. Combo is basically worthless, so not much point in further effort. Sprayed the pots an such.

I tried to photo the squashed dustcap, but the before and after basically looked the same

It was squashed in, I popped it back out by sticking the hoover nozzle to it. Worked pretty well.


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